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Right now, most workplaces across Fife and, indeed, the rest of Scotland are vacant while employees, where possible, work from home. But, when businesses get the go ahead to return to work, workplaces will look very different. Gone are the days – for now at least – of hot-desking and open plan offices; face to face meetings are being overtaken by remote meetings; and working hours will likely be staggered to reduce the number of people in an office at any given time.

It is expected that protective screens will also play a massive role in shielding employees, and a Fife based business is preparing to meet that demand.

A joint venture by Glenrothes-based Shadow Blinds and its subsidiary, Sign Systems Scotland, has created and launched an attractive, versatile range of screen systems and blinds to help in combatting COVID-19 in the workplace. The decision to diversify into the manufacture of screens was a natural step for the businesses.

Managing Director, Colin Nikolic, explains:

“We have two strong businesses, and I know we can survive this pandemic, but with sales down substantially on the same period last year, we didn’t want to stand still and do nothing, as coming back would be even harder. So, we looked at ideas, and are delighted to have created our own protective modular screen systems and blinds. These can be used, and adapted where required, to meet the vast majority, if not all, of the situations faced by businesses required to put measures in place to meet safety regulations.

Shadow Blinds and Sign Systems Scotland launched its new protective, transparent screens to help businesses and workplaces to maintain contact in times of social distancing. The screens act as a protective shield against coughing and sneezing.

Colin continued:

“The screens and blinds are available on a quick turnaround. Our 32-strong team is waiting to come back and start manufacturing screens for businesses. The products will be made available to customers throughout the UK through our long-established customer base of sign customers.”

Foldable shadow screens, shadow desk screens and suspended shadow screens and roller blinds, protecting staff and customers alike, are available from Shadow Blinds. For more information and advice, email:

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