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Toshiba Corporation to Participate in Large-scale Hydrogen Research Project in Scotland

Toshiba’s corporate senior vice president Osamu Maekawa

TOKYO-Toshiba Corporation (Tokyo: 6502) has announced that it will participate in the Levenmouth Community Energy Project in Fife, Scotland, a major 4-year project to investigate the potential of hydrogen as a future fuel. The project is funded by the Local Energy Challenge Fund, created in November 2014 by the Scottish Government.

The project will run from 2015 to 2020 in a redevelopment area of the Methil Docks in Methil, Fife, Scotland’s third largest council area. Electricity generated by wind and solar power will be used to power a hydrogen producing water electrolysis system, and the hydrogen will be stored and used as a fuel source for hybrid commercial vehicles (HCV) powered by fuel cells and diesel engines. Toshiba will join eight other organizations in the research, including Bright Green Hydrogen Ltd., a Fife-based nonprofit organization that promotes a hydrogen future, and Fife Council, the Fife local authority.

The Methil Docks site already has a 750kW wind turbine and 30kW water electrolysis system, and a 200kW solar photovoltaic power generation facility, 60kW and 250-kW water electrolysis systems, hydrogen storage tanks, hydrogen stations and fuel cells will be installed for the project. Renewable energy generated by the wind and solar power systems will be used to power the facility and also to electrolyze water to produce hydrogen. Stored hydrogen will be supplied to 25 HCV via hydrogen stations and also reconverted to electricity by fuel cells for use by the project’s facilities.

This project, which could position Levenmouth at the heart of a clean energy transportation revolution, may also power part of the heating of Leven swimming pool by hydrogen produced at the Hydrogen Office. This would not only bring economic benefits to the area but is widely considered as a valuable demonstration of how hydrogen can decarbonise heating applications in Scotland and help secure future energy supplies for generations to come.

More details from Toshiba here

Photo: Toshiba’s corporate senior vice president Osamu Maekawa

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