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McCormack Innovation, the Kirkcaldy-based, award-winning innovator, which has successfully developed a suite of dissolving materials specifically designed for the medical and personal care markets, has announced that it is soon to launch a soluble anti-coronavirus wipe.

McCormack Innovation is working alongside Dr Michail Kalloudis, Director of Impact Solutions Laboratory in Grangemouth, who has confirmed that, using the appropriate chemicals at the correct volumes, these wipes are effective against viruses including coronavirus. Scientific testing has proved positive to date and final EN (European Standard) certification trials are to be carried out meaning that the wipes could be available in just a matter of weeks!

Brian McCormack, Managing Director and Founder of McCormack Innovation, said:

“When the virus struck, it was immediately clear it was very contagious, so we looked at developing a wipe that was effective against coronavirus but could be flushed away. After extensive trials, we managed to overcome the technical challenges of using highly complex chemicals with sensitive material, enabling the structure to hold and do its job of killing the virus, but then dissolve in water in a matter of minutes. The main areas of use for this wipe would be in any Intensive Care Unit where COVID-19 is known to be present. Currently, wipes are bagged and taken out of the unit to be disposed of. This presents a high risk of cross infection. Our wipes, on the other hand, would never leave the unit. They would simply be flushed away. This would immediately break the chain of cross-contamination from this monster virus.”

The business is also rolling out its international expansion strategy, with the appointment of Charlie Baynes-Reid, a dual qualified English lawyer and member of the New York Bar, as Special Adviser and North American representative based in New York City.

Closer to home, McCormack Innovation hopes to announce a significant deal with a leading healthcare company in the coming weeks. Watch this space!

Picture: L-R: Charlie Baynes-Reid and Brian McCormack pictured before lockdown

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