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Kirkcaldy Harbour Re-opens after 20 years

The project was a partnership between Forth Ports and miller Carr’s Flour Hutchisons, with the support of a freight facilities grant from Transport Scotland worth £829,000 and harbour master Captain Andrew Rendle also involved.

The shift from truck to sea will remove over 250,000 lorry miles each year from Scotland’s roads, and around 4000 truck loads from the centre of Kirkcaldy.

First Minister Alex Salmond said: “This is a good example of the private and public sector working together to make a positive impact on Scotland’s infrastructure and also helping its environment by the transfer of freight from road to water.”

Nik Scott-Gray, business development manager of Forth Ports, said coastal shipping was greener, with a wheat shipment from Tilbury to Kirkcaldy over 17 times more carbon efficient than going by road.

Duncan Munroe, managing director of Carr’s Flour Hutchisons, said: “It is very exciting to see ships berthing alongside our grain silo.”

Sea freight direct to the mill helped ensure an uninterrupted supply of the best quality bread wheats, which meant when the wheat harvest in Scotland had been difficult, the mill could still produce consistent quality.

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