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IT Turning Point, a long-established business in Cowdenbeath, has relaunched and changed focus.

For years, it has been an IT and management training organisation, but, due to a change in market demand, especially during these COVID-19 times, IT Turning Point has relaunched as an IT consultancy.

The founder of IT Turning Point, Ian Thomson, explains:

“The training market has changed, and people are not using classroom-based training as much, whilst the evolution of IT and technology is constant. After discussions with a variety of SMEs, it was highlighted that businesses have little time to focus on the advancement of technology, as they are focused on their own businesses and markets, and are therefore missing out on the chance to work leaner and smarter.

“Lockdown and the need to work from home has brought this even more into focus. So, we have set up as a consultancy to undertake IT ‘need analysis’ for businesses, looking at their current kit and making short, medium and longer-term recommendations.”

Prior to lockdown, IT Turning Point enabled a client to move all its systems to the Cloud and use collaborative platforms. As a result, all staff were able to operate from home and remotely without issue.

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