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Foodmek has been awarded a contract to design, supply and deliver three 200-litre vessels to a large multinational company.

The vessels have been designed to incredibly strict standards, typical to the pharmaceutical industry, and will be used to heat up and mix the medium used in the COVID-19 test kits. The vessels heat up the solution using steam, which is put into an outer jacket on the vessel at a high pressure to get the product up to temperature quickly and efficiently, then maintains an exact temperature for the required ‘cooking’ time. Whilst the product is being heated, a high sheer magnetic mixer mounted at the bottom of the vessel creates a vortex to keep the product mixing precisely around the vessel. It then goes through a controlled cool down process to cool the product at the correct rates.

Once this cycle has been completed, the product is removed from the vessel with pressure, to go on to the filling line. The vessel is then cleaned before being used for the next batch.

Ross Waite, Business Development Manager, Foodmek said:

“We have supplied a 200 and 400-litre vessel to this client in the past, so we were chosen to supply for this project as our vessels have proved to be the most efficient and reliable on site.

“Foodmek is proud to be helping in the fight against COVID-19 in the best way we can; using our experience and expertise to supply high quality equipment to the industries that need it most.”

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