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The increase in demand for ventilators, vaccines, needle protection systems and drugs in the fight against COVID-19 has led to an upsurge in orders for Glenrothes-based FLEXcon. As such, the manufacturer of coated and laminated films and adhesives used in labelling and bonding, is back operating at normal capacity, whilst observing social distancing measures.

At the start of lockdown, FLEXcon made the considered decision to reduce capacity to 25 per cent, solely to meet the needs of its pharmaceutical clients. However, as demand has increased from that sector, as well as electronics, the manufacturing business is back, working at full capacity to ensure delivery in a reasonable timescale.

Stephen Hall, Managing Director of FLEXcon Europe, has been adopting the Malaysia principle “when the wind blows,don’t only build shelter, but also build windmills”, which has resulted in the business making positive changes – looking at the why, not the what - during these challenging times.

Stephen said:

“We’re taking a positive approach, being agile and adapting in our operations, whilst meeting demand from our customers. One third of our business is in the automotive industry, which is currently on hold, so we’re focusing on the pharmaceutical and electronic sectors, in which our products are in high demand, and ensuring capacity now and in the future. Whilst we are currently focusing on the now and how to deal with the Global Pandemic, our senior managers continue to work on developing our ten year vision, which is in alignment with our guiding principles of preparing the family-held company for the next generation.”

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