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Launching a new business takes a lot of thought and planning and, having got off to a great start in 2019, COVID-19 then hit China, and Stag Laser Craft promptly diversified to ensure survival and plan for longevity. That quick thinking by its management team – husband and wife partnership, Brian and Jackie Cameron – has resulted in the business prospering, even in the current climate!

The pre-emptive decision to purchase the necessary stock from local suppliers early, enabled it to manufacture face shields for NHS Fife and Fife Council. To date, it has donated 4,000 face shields to the local community – that accounted for 280 work hours and approximately £15,000 of ‘lost’ revenue. But, there again, that is the premise upon which Stag Laser Craft was created, and its owners were adamant that this would continue in lockdown.

In addition to manufacturing face shields, Stag Laser Craft is also producing made-to-measure protective screens for a diverse range of sectors, all operating in Fife.

As the business considers post-lockdown products, it knows it will be manufacturing face shields and protective screens for the foreseeable future, but it’s also keen to expand to new

premises and build its team. Over time, and as confidence builds, it will start to do what it does best – create the best laser craft products, at competitive prices.

Brian Cameron commented:

“The demand for face shields and protective screens will continue for the next couple of years, but we’re also keen to get back to working with corporate entities by producing material for company rebrands and by personalising their existing stock, particularly in the tourism and leisure sectors, and help them boost sales, as we ourselves seek to grow and expand.”

Stag Laser Craft is committed to spend 20 per cent of its annual profits in helping support community projects across Fife.

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