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Briggs well positioned with international credentials

Fife-based marine and environmental firm Briggs has hailed a string of international standard accreditations for its new diving division.

The Burntisland-headquartered group said the ISO 9001, 14001 and OHASA 18001 certificates, awarded by a leading UK assessment body, underlined the business’ quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management credentials.

Briggs continued an expansion drive with the launch of its in-house diving arm in March, saying the step would allow it to offer a “holistic” package to clients in the oil and gas, renewables and port services sectors and throughout the UK.

Dive superintendent Alistair Blue said the new credentials showed the business has big ambitions.

The awards will set Briggs above many of its competitors and raise hopes that the business will be able to win more work under tendering.

“Our personal, equipment and diving plant are already fully compliant with current UK regulations, and we are full members of IMCA, the ADC and a certified diving contractor with UK HSE,” Mr Blue said.

Read the full article at The Courier.

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