Fife economy and workforce

Fife is the perfect choice for businesses attracted by proximity, first-class business propositions, a capable workforce and lower costs.

Fife’s workforce exceeds 220,000 people and the region is within an hour’s drive of 1 million workers. It makes a significant contribution to the Scottish economy with an annual business turnover of £10,312 million that supports around 9,000 businesses and 94,000 jobs.

Fife has a strong commitment to workforce training, life-long learning and skills development – creating the conditions to attract and retain talent, develop a knowledge economy and promote a culture of enterprise

The new Fife Economic Strategy for 2013-2023 is a joint plan between Fife Council, the Fife Economy Partnership - which leads on the economy theme for Fife's community plan - and the Opportunities Fife Partnership which is concerned with the delivery of employability and skills for Fife.

Three strategic aims in the strategy include; a skilled workforce; creating a competitive business location and achieving business growth.

Investing in tomorrow, Today

Fife Engineering Academy

Opportunities Fife, in partnership with a number of Fife’s key engineering employers has set up a Fife Engineering Academy and created an apprenticeship programme which will ensure that workers in the region meet specific skill requirements as set out by employers in the industry and will create lifelong career opportunities for young people in Fife.

A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) Strategy for Fife has been launched.

The strategy involves colleges and employers working together to ensure that education and skills delivered within Fife meet the standards in science, technology, engineering and mathematics necessary to carry forward growth in related industries. STEM is an Opportunities Fife initiative being led by Fife College.

The STEM strategy is helping to ensure that training meets specific job requirements for industries growing and relocating to Fife. This will create more jobs for Fife people, and help make Fife businesses stronger and more competitive.

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The Employer Programme

The Employer Programme is co-ordinated by Fife Council in partnership with Kingdom Housing Association. It builds a co-ordinated approach to delivering services to employers and brings together a range of initiatives that provide pre-recruitment training, work placements, wage programme, upskilling opportunities and employer specific training.

The Programme also takes a pro-active approach to employer engagement in order to achieve maximum benefit for employers and Fife residents.

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