Oil & gas

Fife has a longstanding and expanding reputation as an ideal location for operations serving international offshore oil and gas markets.

Oil was first discovered in UK waters over 40 years ago and Fife has played a significant role in its development, starting with construction at Methil of Shell’s first platforms in 1974 for AUK and for the Brent field in 1976.

Since then Scotland has developed a multi-billion pound oil and gas industry and its prospects remain healthy; UK Oil and Gas predicts investment in the North Sea from 2012 to 2016 will total £91 billion. The UK Subsea sector output is over £9 billion, which equates to 45% of the global market, and is expected to double in size over the next 5 years.

Fife's range of expertise is particularly focused in Subsea construction and includes:

  • FMC Technologies in Dunfermline; design and manufacturing of subsea trees, wellhead systems and associated equipment.
  • BiFab in Burntisland and Methil; fabricating subsea jackets
  • Babcock in Roysth; constructing subsea installations and offshore engineering
  • Proclad Group in Glenrothes; world-leading weld overlay cladding for subsea installations

As well as having access to the central belt, Fife is investing in apprenticeships and a reskilling programme to ensure that it maintains a skilled and stable workforce. Combined with well-developed transport logistics and digital communications, Fife really is the ideal choice for growing your oil and gas business.

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