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Heating in buildings and industry creates 32% of the total UK emissions.

Hydrogen is a potential solution:

  • One of three low carbon pathways to 2050 identified in UK Government's Clean Growth Strategy.
  • One of two 2050 scenarios in the Scottish Energy Strategy.
  • Committee on Climate Change call for pilot studies.

Hydrogen Applications include:

  • Transport
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Domestic

Back to the Future:

  • Town gas 50% hydrogen used in UK until 1970's
  • Still used in Singapore and Hong Kong
  • H21 Leeds City Gate mapped out process to convert to hydrogen
  • Distribution networks will all be compatible by 2030
  • Other projects in UK and internationally looking at blending of hydrogen with natural gas to reduce emissions

Feasibility Project Summary:

  • Potential for development at each site
  • Safety case
  • Initial design requirements
  • Stakeholder engagement


  • Levenmouth
  • Aberdeen
  • Machrihanish


The project will only proceed to demonstration if the safety case has been proven

Hy House study already looked at hydrogen in domestic dwelling concluding that - The risk of hydrogen, natural gas or a natural gas and hydrogen mixture are similar. When leaks occur, the risks with hydrogen are comparable to those with natural gas. Hydrogen 'just another flammable gas'.


Stakeholder Engagement Aims

To ensure local people, businesses and organisations:

  • are fully aware of and understand the project
  • have an opportunity to put over their questions, concerns and ideas
  • receive proper feedback
  • are kept up to date on progress

To inform and update national stakeholders on the project.



Meetings with:

  • Community groups
  • Local and national political representatives
  • Council

Mailings to households and businesses

Learn from the best practice developed during Oban study on gas market


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