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Robbins & Myers UK Ltd (Pfaudler Balfour Division)

1810 - Company founded as Engineers and Iron Founders, trading under the name of Henry Balfour & Company Limited. Over the course of years, the Balfour reputation was established in a variety of engineering plant, incl. Brewery Equipment; Effluent Treatment Plant; Protein Recovery Plant; Heat Transfer Plant; Size Reduction Machinery; Specialist Fabrication; Drying and Evaporation Plant; Sterilisers.

1933 - Joint venture with the Pfaudler Company, U.S.A., to manufacture glass-lined steel vessels at Leven.

1962 - Henry Balfour & Company Limited acquired by the Pfaudler Company, subsequently under ultimate ownership of the Sybron Corporation, U.S.A.

1982 - Henry Balfour & Company Limited acquired by the Standard Oil Company (Ohio). Concentration on Glassed-Steel manufacture under new trading name of Pfaudler-Balfour Limited.

1990 - Pfaudler-Balfour Limited acquired Chemical Reactor Services Ltd. U.K group service business subsequently consolidated in their West Midlands factory.

1994 - Pfaudler-Balfour Limited and Chemical Reactor Services Ltd. acquired by Robbins & Myers Inc., Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A. as part of the Pfaudler group, worldwide.

1995 - Acquisition of Glassed Steel competitor, Cannon Process Equipment Limited. U.K. group is consolidated under new business name of Robbins & Myers U.K. Limited.

1996 - Re-introduction of Evaporation Systems Business.

1998 - Introduction of Thermal Fluid Engineering Product Range.

1999 - Modular Pharma Process Facilities "Design & Build"

2004 - Manufacturing Licence for China

2005 - ISO 9001:2000

2006 - Process Solutions Group is formed, incorporating Pfaudler, Edlon and CRS

2009 - Robbins & Myers UK Limited incorporated all groups in the UK and now include Pfaudler Balfour, Edlon, CRS and Chemineer.

Services and features

Glassed steel reactors, vessels, columns, condensers, dryers, valves, pipes and fittings, temperature pH and level sensing probes, mixing systems, tubular and wiped film evaporators, thermal fluid heating / cooling units, alloy fabrications, PTFE envelope gaskets, PTFE machined components, Fluoropolymer lined / coated vessels, columns and storage tanks, chemical transport tanks, teflon roll covers.

Facilities: 2400 KW - Vessels up to 3.81 M (12'6") dia. x 11.3 M (37' 0") length Furnace

Processes: Manufacture of glassed-steel reactors and pressure vessels; design and manufacture of evaporation equipment , thermal fluid heating/cooling equipment and process systems for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, water and waste, food and drinks industries.

Technology: Fabrication of pressure vessels, reactors, columns, regenerators, air receivers, storage tanks, process plant, dryers, evaporators etc.

Quality accreditations/approvals

ISO 9001: Yes

Industry: Lloyds Class I, TUV. Lloyds Register, Chinese Manufacturing Licence – Pressure Vessels

ASME (U1 & U2 Stamp approved)

Services offered

  • Consenting/ surveys
  • Decommissioning
  • Design
  • Feasibility study
  • NDT/ Inspection/ Testing
  • Painting/coating
  • Pipework fabrications
  • Tanks/ vessels
  • Testing

About this supplier

Robbins & Myers UK Ltd (Pfaudler Balfour Division)

Contact: Mr Mark Goldsmith, General Manager
Tel: 01333 423020
Fax: 01333 427432

Market sectors

  • Biomass
  • Offshore wind
  • Oil and gas
  • Onshore wind

Typical project values

  • Less than £100k
  • £100k-£500k
  • £500k-£1m
  • £1m-£10m

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