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McDonald Engineers (UK) Ltd

McDonald Engineers (UK) Ltd was incorporated in 1945 and has been manufacturing Copperr Hot Water Storage Systems since then. The company is an independent manufacture and the last main manufacturer of domestic and commercial stoarge cylinders in Scotland. Products are supplied UK wide and also abroad on a limited basis. We have manufactured cylinders suitable for solar systems for over 30 years. We are now a significant supplier of hot water cylinders suitable for Heat Pump, Biomass, Solar and all other renewable heat inputs.

Services and features

We manufacture a wide range of products including Unvented, Thermal Stores, Calorifiers, Buffer Vessels etc. We manufacture in copper which provides the veery best heat transfer qualities. This maximises gains from renewable energy into useable hot water.

Facilities: 25000 Square Foot Modern Factory.

Processes: Manufacturing

People: Local and skilled workforce and technical team

Technology: Over 60 years expereinec in Cylinder Manufacturing

Special skills: Copper Cylinders and manufacturing bespoke cylinders.

Previous work

Wind energy

Wind Energy can be used for heating hot water in our hot water storage cylinders.

Solar power

Manufacture Storage Cylinders suitable for Solar throughout the UK including for Fife Council.

Bio energy

POWERflow 2000 Unvented and the THERMflow Thermal Storage Stystem utilise heat from biomass.

Quality accreditations/approvals

ISO 9001: ISO:9001:2000

Company: BSI

Services offered

  • Power generation
  • Tanks/ vessels

About this supplier

McDonald Engineers (UK) Ltd
Queensway Industrial Estate

Contact: Jamie Stewart, Sales Director
Tel: 01592 611123
Fax: 01592 611166

Market sectors

  • Fuel cells and energy storage

Typical project values

  • Less than £100k

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