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Creating a leadership for maritime industries - New opportunities in Europe

The CLIPPER project stems from the conviction that support for maritime industries must be developed in order to tackle Blue Growth challenges and energy transition imperatives.

The global economic recession did not spare the maritime sector, which also suffers from the ever-growing competition from emerging countries.

Regions have a crucial part to play in maintaining the competitiveness of SMEs in their traditional activities (shipyards in particular), while also helping them to become leaders in developing markets such as Marine Renewable Energies (MRE).

Maritime industries should be understood here according to the definition given by the LeaderShip 2020 report “The Sea, New Opportunities for the Future”. Reflecting these recommendations, the CLIPPER project’s overall objective is to improve public policies in support to maritime industries’ SMEs, notably by encouraging business strategies focused on diversification and differentiation.

Working closely together, the project’s partner regions will explore and implement new ways of supporting SMEs to improve their quality upgrading, manufacturing performance and leadership in new markets such as MREs.

The partners will also develop action plans for each of their territories and design political recommendations to impulse them locally, in line with the analysis of relevant national and European contexts.

Continuous exchange and discussion between stakeholders throughout the project will ensure that they better identify challenges faced by SMEs are identified, and guarantee coherence between their needs and the tools developed.

The links developed with SMEs during preparatory work will ensure that they benefit directly from the project. CLIPPER's results, and their long-term use, will provide significant support for public authorities and European institutions, helping to improve their business strategies for maritime industries.

EU funding €1,347,050 from the European Regional Development Fund

Project Partners:


  • Pays de la Loire Region (FR) – LEAD PARTNER
  • Asturias Energy Foundation (FAEN) (ES)
  • Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions (CPMR) (FR)
  • Fife Council (UK)
  • Ligurian Cluster for Marine Technologies (DLTM) (IT)
  • Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd (FI)
  • Public Institution RERA S.D. for Coordination and Development of Split Dalmatia County (HR)
  • R&D centre Kiel University of Applied Sciences GmbH (DE)

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