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This ‘Regions & Cities’ initiative aims to develop Fuel Cell & Hydrogen (FC&H) projects through identification of early market opportunities and development of supporting business cases, including economic impact and supply chain development. This will help cities and regions to identify the most promising FC&H applications, evaluate the potential, and identify & maximise the use of different financing options.

The initiative is developing roadmaps & concepts to prepare and implement FC&H deployment projects from 2018 onwards.

Fuel cell applications contribute to making cities and regions cleaner, quieter and more energy efficient. Application areas include:

  • Road transport: particularly urban and rural bus fleets, delivery vehicle fleets, and car club fleets
  • Passenger and vehicle ferries using hydrogen. Commuter trains using hydrogen.
  • Stationary fuel cell applications, including combined heat and power (CHP) and back-up power systems
  • Power-to-Hydrogen applications for local fuel production, energy storage, and injection of hydrogen into the gas grid

Potential benefits from deployment of Fuel Cell & Hydrogen projects include:
  • Reduce carbon emissions & eliminating NOx/particulate emissions from transport fleets, particularly relevant for air quality management areas
  • Higher energy efficiencies and reduced local air pollution with use of stationary fuel cell CHP
  • Deployment of local clean fuels infrastructure, with development of local hydrogen and supply chain

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